Curtain wall/moisture control of contaminated sites

Root Barrier™ can be used as a waterproof cut off wall to separate underground contamination from the surrounding environment. We produce wall proof cut off walls up to a seven metre depth and seal the wall using bentonite.
Root Barrier™ flexible cut off walls are HDPE and have a 700% elongation which give the product a unique ability to handle changing hydraulic conditions in the ground with out breaking, combined with a bentonite seal we have an effective, practical and economic solution to prevent migration of moisture.
In house trenching equipment is capable of depths to 3 metres very economically, while excavators are used if deeper depths are required.
We supply either material only or a complete installation service.
Required depth is normally determined by a geotechnical report.
The Root Barrier™ wall is installed with a minimum of joins, preferably in one piece.

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