Trees which in the past had to be removed because of their damaging effect on foundations, can now remain and exist quite happily along side of the buildings, without causing any problems underground. Root Barrier keeps the roots out and the moisture in. Due to new developments in the product and installation system, costs have been vastly reduced, and the requirements for heavy earth works with heavy machinery removed.

Technical Information & Product Specification
ROLL WIDTHS 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm & 2000mm
Fabrication available for longer widths
ROLL LENGTH 30 metres
SHEET THICKNESS 0.75mm plus or minus 0.05mm


Property Test Method Unit Min. Values
Thickness (min avg.)
Lowest individual value
ASTM D 5199 mm
Density ASTM D 1505 g/cc 0.94
Tensile Properties (each direction)(min. avg.) ASTM D 638
Yeild Strength TYPE IV,2 ipm N/mm width 11
Break Strength N/mm width 21
Yeild Elongation G.L 1.3 in (33mm) % 13
Break Elongation G.L 2.0 in (51mm) % 700
Tear Resistance (min. avg.) ASTM D 1004 N 98
Puncture Resistance (min. avg.) ASTM D 4833 N 263
Carbon Black Content (range) ASTM D 1603 % 2.0 -3.0
Nutch Constant Tensile Load (min. avg.) ASTM D 5397 hr. 400