Points To Ponder – Sept 2013
September 1, 2013

Welcome to our September points to ponder

Spring is here and the future is looking bright, lots of positive forecasts in nature and the business world.

Our Para Olympic athletes have done well and I congratulate all of them and their supporting families on a job well done.
It is no easy feat to compete at elite level regardless of whether you win or finish down the competitors list.
The sacrifices and commitment are made generally without financial reward and should be congratulated.

At Root Barrier we have been quiet but the signs are good for a positive and prosperous next quarter.

In the civil works designers are including root barrier which is good, remember to put the seal in the base of the trench to ensure a good result.
Growth in housing slab construction with water proof cutoff walls to protect them is looking positive with the changes to AS2870-2011 coming in over the current 12 months.

On reactive sites our system is proving more economical to get a slab design that works rather than adding more tonnes of reo and concrete to the design and the cost of the job.

Alan Coulton

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