Points to Ponder Sept 2012
September 1, 2012
Points To Ponder – November 2014
July 27, 2015

Welcome to our September points to ponder.

Spring is in full swing and the natural evolution of new life makes our country bloom with new sights and sounds of newborn flora and fauna.
I find this time of year very uplifting and stimulating a positive view of our future.

The goal of our business is to create a barrier that will allow buildings and infrastructure to co habit happily side by side with trees.
Root barrier provides a flexible waterproof cut-off wall which separates the building foundations from the effect of plants and seasonal variation in clay soils.

Recently achieved civil engineering review, acceptance and subsequent issue of a Compliance certificate for building design or specification Form 15/16 Root Barrier.

This gives a practical economic solution for Australian Standard, AS 2870-2011 Residential slabs and footings design considerations, related to seasonal variation and tree effect in reactive soils.

This only applies to our specific product and system, www.rootbarrier.com.au  beware of imitations.

Sometimes it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy spring and live happily in a stable home.

Regards Alan Coulton

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