A simple measure that ensures you’ll double the life expectancy of your concrete paths around trees.

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Under concrete moisture is trapped naturally, this provides a food source for the tree. Tree roots find the food and transport it back to the tree, the root that finds the most food grows the biggest. Root BarrierTM Under Path Growth Inhibitor creates a 50mm deep zone under the structure which is outside the pH range that trees like to feed on. Roots in this immediate area will not develop to damage the path. The other roots will find a more suitable food source allowing them to support and feed the plant.

This product is 100% natural with no manufactured chemicals and the same salinity as sea water. The product is stabilised to prevent active components leaching from under the path. DPI tested, certifying the product meets EPA guidelines protecting local environment. Not dangerous to handle in normal circumstances, MSDS available.



  • Footpaths
  • Driveways
  • Pavers
  • Plumbing and service trench protection


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1. Clear the damaged section, remove existing roots in the vicinity and prepare the subgrade as normal

2.a For under concrete paths, pour the dry under path growth inhibitor on to the exposed natural ground and spread with a rake at ratio of 10kg per m2 of natural ground.

2.b For under paving, mix the dry UPGI, under path growth inhibitor throughly with the pavers bedding sand at a ratio of 12 x 20Kg UPGI bags per cubic metre of sand.

3. Continue to lay the new path as normal.

RESULT: 50 mm deep zone immediately below the treated area will have a pH level outside the range required by the tree.

4. For Plumbing and service trench information, follow the link to our UPGI for trenches installation guide.


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